The New Hampshire Land and Community Heritage Investment Program (LCHIP) is an independent state authority charged by statute (RSA 227-M) with conserving and preserving New Hampshire's most important natural, cultural and historic resources, and with ensuring the perpetual contribution of these resources to the economy, environment and quality of life in New Hampshire.

LCHIP accomplishes its mission by awarding matching grants to NH communities and non-profits. Working in partnership with Recipients to support their acquisition of land or historic resources, or interests therein, and to rehabilitate historic buildings and structures, LCHIP helps to secure NH's greatest business advantage: The quality of life and traditional values of our state.


LCHIP is governed by an 18-member Board of Directors, which includes eight members of the public appointed by the Governor and Council, two state Senators, two state Representatives, and the heads or designees of the six relevant state agencies: Department of Natural and Cultural Resources’ Division of Historical Resources and Division of Forests and Lands; Department of Environmental Services; Fish and Game Department; Department of Business and Economic Affairs; and the Department of Agriculture, Markets and Foods.

LCHIP maintains offices in Concord, and employs three full-time, two part-time and two seasonal staff.

Grant Funds

The current list of Board and Staff members can be found here.

Since 2008, LCHIP grants have been supported by a $25 surcharge assessed on four types of documents recorded at the ten county registry of deeds offices across the state. These fees generate between $3,500,000 and $5,000,000 per year which is held by the State Treasurer in the LCHIP Trust Fund.

Administrative Funds

LCHIP receives $200,000 per year from the state’s Conservation License Plate program (Moose Plates) to be used for administrative expenses. The remainder of LCHIP’s administrative funding is generated through earned interest and an administrative fee assessed on awarded grants.


To learn more, call the LCHIP Office at 603-224-4113.