2016 Grant Recipients

Nashua Sullivan Farm2

Thirty five projects received grant awards, ranging from Northumberland in the North County to Nashua in the south and from Portsmouth in the east to Claremont in the west. Recipients include nineteen historic resource projects and sixteen natural resource projects. In total, the natural resource projects will protect more than 4,600 acres, including seven farms and twelve miles of river frontage. Historic resources getting awards date from 1758 to 1927 and include a historic hotel now providing elderly housing and a cemetery with remains of Revolutionary War heroes. Among the thirty communities benefitting from the grants are seven of New Hampshire’s thirteen cities. Three and a half million dollars of state funding through LCHIP are being matched by nearly $20,000,000 in funds from other sources.

In an unusually large grant for a historic resource project, a $500,000 LCHIP grant will help the Colonial Theatre in Laconia reach for a second chance at success. The theater, built in 1914 by prominent Laconia citizen Benjamin Piscopo, originally housed live performances, showed motion pictures, and hosted a variety of other events. Later in the twentieth century, the theater was subdivided into a five-theater multiplex, but subsequently went downhill and has been closed for a number of years. Fortunately, many of the original decorative features remained underneath the partitions. The LCHIP grant will support rehabilitation of the theater, which is part of a larger commercial block. Redevelopment of the entire commercial block including the Colonial Theatre is an extensive $14,000,000 project that is designed to return this deteriorated building to its place of prominence in a revitalized downtown Laconia.

LCHIP is also providing a $213,000 grant to assist the City of Nashua and its partner the Forest Society conserve Sullivan Farm. Sullivan Farm is the last remaining working farm in Nashua with apple orchards that are a well known and beloved scenic feature of the area. Nashua Mayor Jim Donchess said: “Sullivan Farm represents Nashua’s proud agricultural heritage and preserving the farm ensures access for future generations to come.” The grant will help to place a conservation easement on the farm which has been owned by the same family since 1911.

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